Lost and Found

by The Lone Boners

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released November 12, 2019


all rights reserved



The Lone Boners Dickinson, North Dakota

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Track Name: This is Not an Advertisement
Panic button, i'm hitting it (and screaming out your name)
What good is this when things will never change
We resolve to throw away
to remake and rename
It's all the same (I'm getting so sick of it)
I want to blame everyone but myself
I'm not a part of it (I'm not depraved)
Don't want to be, but I guess I'm not ready yet (in the game)
Where the enemy is every day
Will own us all, yeah, through fame
Regardless of anything, we are told to accept it
That's where it ends
I just want a little respect
Scratch that
I just want a some peace and quiet (peace and quiet)

Salt-layered fingers plastered to a working man's diary
The thoughts of tomorrow etched on glass pages
and waiting for a day when all of this will fall

All the war heroes are dead
Scab wounds left unbandaged
The blood of the mighty grafting to the earth
covered over by
the dunes
they had once collapsed upon
only to rot and be forgotten
with the advent of gunnery and modern warfare

Fire-headed "patriot" televists absorbing all they see
The images flash across the screen
Blame -- pile the blame, pile the blame, pile the blame
Blame so called "terrorist scum" (go manufacture)
And promptly (scapegoated)
Pile the blame
Starbuck reliant
Cheeseburger wishes and dreams
and apparently starving
Victims of grace
Victims of this wave
Track Name: A Leader to Disarm
break, bend, then cut off
A reputable
standing with his cloth
but only he knows what's underneath
so he talks it off, runs the clock, and bends the law
and plays it off like he's chosen by God

Drag it out (drag it out)
It's the best thing to do
Just like the worst divorce
still not gone through
See, things have gotten out of hand
It's hard to stand by supply without demand
It's cold - so cold - without a home

A sluggish stall
backed by the call to arms
A leader's drawl
somehow embraced by all
Until we fall
no chance to disarm

But you can't send us all over
We've got our own battles to fight
against the normal
against the struggle
All we need is time
and the want to survive

This furnace burns
Track Name: Fire and Brimstone
How many times must i break to play along with your charade
How many times are you going to shit on my parade
How many times must I wait for you to be okay

And for some reason, you just can't understand
why i just can't understand
why you breath Fire and Brimstone
every time someone acts like a human
They're only human (they're only human)
I'm only human (I'm only human)
You're only human
We're only human

So tell me how do i go about ending this cycle
of drinking and fighting and bitching and lying
every night after night after night after night after night
Shall i sever the limb at the artery
no tourniquet, too legit to quit
no, I don't give a shit anymore

Go ahead and burn those bridges down
until there's no more firewood left to burn

For fuck's sake maybe you just need to get over yourself
Is it so hard to let it slide
Is it so hard to recognize
The wrong from the right time to let your heart go up in flames
Maybe it's time to turn the page

Tell me how do i go about ending this cycle
We've reached the end
We're finally here, a fork in the road
Burn the whole world down if you had enough matches
But i can't sit back - i can't sit back and just watch it all happen

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